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Who will help you when you think you need to avail of a federal home refinancing program? How does the FHA construction to permanent loan work?  What about availing of a one-time close construction loan?  We have been talking a lot about the different kinds of home mortgages that you can avail from American Mortgage Corporation – from those who are not able to afford down payments to those who are in need of help in availing of our one-time close construction mortgage. These services are provided by our company and ably assisted by the men and women who can help you start your journey into owning your American dream home, our mortgage loan officers.

What does a mortgage officer do? If you have been wanting to apply for a home mortgage one of the things that your mortgage loan officer will do is to collect the necessary financial information. Through these financial documents, they will be able to help gauge if you can qualify for either a VA loan or an FHA loan.

They would also be able to tell you what your options may be. Looking at your financial health, these mortgage loan officers can tell you how far your credit limit will allow you to go. Especially in these times of COVID pandemic when the minimum credit requirements are changing because of the volatile market,  loan officers can help you go through your options.

Your mortgage officer will guide you every step of the way as you start preparing your documents. These documents are usually your tax returns, pay stubs, credit history, and proof of income among others.  Mortgage officers will use these documents to know the status of your finances so that they can recommend options for you.

The loan officer can help give you tips on how to improve your credit scoring especially if you are close to reaching the minimum requirement so that you can start the process of acquiring your home. They can also give you industry tips on how you can improve your eligibility and which mortgage option is best suited for you.  So don’t hesitate to contact us especially if you are unsure if you qualify or not, you won’t know unless you try.