How to be a mortgage loan officer

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Do you think you are good with people, great at financial planning, and your organizational skills are beyond amazing? If you are, then starting a career as a mortgage loan officer may be good for you.
Being a mortgage loan officer may be a challenging career, but it is definitely the most rewarding.  Imagine being allowed to help somebody acquire their dream home and be in the position to help them decide how to manage their resources is a great service already. Do you have what it takes? Here are some of the primary skillset of a good mortgage loan officer:
  • Interpersonal communication skills – you’d be dealing with different people with different mindsets. How would you react to their personalities? If you are already in a sales or advisory career, you know how to deal with challenging situations when dealing with other people.
  • Managerial skills – Being detail-oriented is a plus when you are a loan mortgage officer. You’d be dealing with people and their expectations, resources – time, money and people, paperwork, and much organizational planning.
  • Ability to analyze – this skill will come in handy when analyzing your clients – their credit history and rating, ability to repay, and the market trend.

If you think these are qualities you possess, or this is a career you can do, you can start earning and get commissions and bonuses.

The first step to do is to become a licensed mortgage loan originator or mortgage loan officer. Requirements differ from state to state, but to be a mortgage loan officer in Illinois, Texas, and Florida, to which American Mortgage Corporation operates, you need to visit the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry site and get your NMLS account and ID number.

Here are the basic requirements to be a mortgage loan officer in these areas:

  • Illinois –  complete your mortgage Pre-license Education (PE) and then pass the licensing exam. Using your NMLS ID, you then apply for your Illinois mortgage license.
  • Florida – you need to complete the mandatory 20-hour NMLS pre-licensing course, pass it then apply for your NMLS license.
  • Texas – same with the other states, you need to have the NMLS account and ID number, complete your pre-license education, pass it and apply for your TX MLO license.
After doing all these, complete the background checks, prepare to pay the fees, and then associate your NMLS account with us at AMC by applying as one of our Loan Officers.  You can email us at and join us to help Americans get their dream homes.