1. Don’t Wait: Buying A Home Will Cost More In Just One Year

    Are you on the fence about owning a home? It may be better to buy now than wait. The nation’s median home value is expected to grow by $6,275 to $208,975 just one year from today, according to Zillow, adding on to the already considerable funds homebuyers need now to own a home. The average homebu…Read More

  2. American Mortgage Corporation now offers FHA 203(H) loans

    American Mortgage Corporation is pleased to now offer FHA 203(H) loans with 100% financing Recovering from a major disaster is never easy, especially when a loved home is destroyed. With this product, we can make a major difference in helping you get your borrowers into a new home quickly. FHA finan…Read More

  3. More single women are buying homes, says new report

    The relationship status of homebuyers is shifting. In 1985, 81 percent of homebuyers were married couples. Today, that figure is closer to 66 percent, even though the number of unmarried couples buying homes has only barely grown. What accounts for the change? All the single ladies. Some 17 percent …Read More