Home loans from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) are intended for low to moderate-income earners and residents of rural locations who may be unable to get a traditional mortgage. Loans from the USDA, often termed “Rural Development Loans,” are designed to make homeownership more accessible for people living in rural or suburban regions that qualify and have household incomes that fall within the USDA’s income guidelines.

USDA loans are supported by the United States Department of Agriculture in the same way as the Department of Veterans Affairs does for VA loans for qualified borrowers such as service members and veterans. In many instances, mortgage lenders are able to offer relatively cheaper interest rates because of these government guarantees.

USDA loans are mortgages that require no down payment for people who live in rural areas. If you are qualified, you may be able to purchase a property with no down payment, though you will still be responsible for closing fees.


  • NO DOWN PAYMENT – Homebuyers in rural and suburban areas can benefit from a USDA loan, which is one of the most robust mortgage alternatives available. Without a doubt, the most significant advantage of having a USDA loan is the fact that it allows purchasers to obtain full financing opportunities on their purchase and will not need any down payment.
  • MINIMAL MORTGAGE INSURANCE – Because the USDA loan does not need a down payment, borrowers will be compelled to pay monthly mortgage insurance as a result of the loan. Currently, the USDA loan’s PMI yearly fee is 0.50%, calculated based on the loan’s remaining outstanding balance, which is lower than the interest rate charged by other loan programs and does not fluctuate based on the down payment as it does with traditional financing.
  • LESSER CLOSING COSTS – In the case of a USDA loan, the seller may pay up to 6% of the borrower’s closing expenses, or you may elect to have your closing costs included in the mortgage loan. Closing costs can be covered up to the amount of the property’s assessed value. Additionally, you may be able to use gift proceeds to cover closing expenses.
  • LOWER INTEREST RATES – Because the United States Department of Agriculture guarantees a USDA loan, borrowers can take advantage of a low-interest rate that does not vary depending on their credit rating or deposit, as is the case with traditional financing.
  • CAN BE OBTAINED BY THOSE WITH LIMITED CREDIT HISTORY – The USDA loan program allows borrowers who have tarnished or low credit scores to qualify for conventional borrowing. No credit history or non-traditional credit may be eligible provided they demonstrate a commitment to meet their obligations by providing proof for rental, utilities, and mobile phone bills.

Finding Your Lender

In order to be successful in your efforts to get a mortgage for your home purchase, it would be helpful to engage the services of a qualified and experienced real estate agent who can help and direct you through the overall mortgage application process. Besides delivering outstanding services and supporting you with all essential guidelines, our team of skilled realtors can also assist you in utilizing and optimizing all of your available options and select the most appropriate one for you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any additional questions or would want to learn more about our services.

Advantages of USDA Loans

  • Allows you to finance the entire amount of your home purchase
  • Perfect loan type for low to moderate income buyers
  • Provides low mortgage rates and insurance premiums
  • Possible financial assistance on closing costs

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