Should I Refinance?

Compare your current mortgage with refinance options to see potential cost savings.

Use this calculator to help you decide if you should refinance. For more details and a more personalized loan program, call American Mortgage Corporation specialist at 1-800-898-2108.
Original Mortgage
New Mortgage
Refinance and you can save $XXX a month. You can also $XXX over the life of your loan.
A refinance will make your monthly payment increase by $XXX. But, you can save $XXX,XXX over the life of your loan.
Refinancing can help you save $XXX a month, but you'll be spending $XXX,XXX more over the life of your loan. Ask yourself what's most important: short term or long term savings.
It is not the right time for a refinance. Your monthly payments would increase by $XXX, and you'd be looking at a long term loss of $XXX,XXX.
Original Payment*
New Payment*
*Includes principal and interest only.
Monthly Savings
Lifetime Savings
Payoff Schedule

Amortization Graph

You will save $XX,XXX on the interest of the loan You will owe $XX,XXX in interest and will pay your loan off .
            Ending Balance
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