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Find the right loan for your needs.  American Mortgage Corporation provides a comprehensive list of loan types for our many clients. Feel free to reach out to us should you require assistance in getting a no-commitment estimate on loans you can avail today.


Buying a New Home?

  • Relatively easy to acquire
  • Become the legal owner of your home
  • Mortgage rates are lower than a personal loan
  • Flexible repayment schedules
  • Helps improve your credit score


Advantages of FHA Mortgages

  • Easier application process
  • A more lenient loan option for those with low to mid credit scores
  • Lower down payments starting at 3%
  • Option of adding a co-borrower on the loan

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Advantages of VA Loans

  • Excellent rates for qualified veterans
  • No downpayment required
  • Government guarantee with no insurance premiums needed
  • Lower overall closing costs for the buyer

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Advantages of Conventional Loans

  • Perfect for those who can't make a large upfront downpayment
  • Competitive rates as low as 3%
  • Usually preferred loan type by sellers looking at competing offers
  • Less stringent appraisal process


Advantages of Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Loans

  • Less risky than loans with higher rates
  • Perfect if you plan to refinance or move out of the home in the future
  • Lower payments in the early term
  • Allows you to get more expensive loans than what you can get normally

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Advantages of Balloon Mortgage Loans

  • Lower interest rates than most other loan types
  • Lower monthly mortgage payments
  • Lets you qualify for larger loan amounts
  • Perfect if you lack capital for your initial payments

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Advantages of Construction Financing Loans

  • Loan type perfect for subcontractors of hired for large building projects
  • Allows builders to get funds for resources needed to build homes
  • Perfect for property owners planning big renovations
  • Lower interest rates and longer repayment periods

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Advantages of Fixed Mortgage Loans

  • A secure loan type perfect for buyers who want to avoid significant changes in their rates and repayments
  • Easy to plan for your monthly repayments
  • Perfect for buyers looking for a long-term home
  • Lower overall lifetime payments

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Advantages of Foreign National & ITIN Loans

  • Ideal loan option for foreign nationals
  • Relatively easy application process
  • Allows you to build up your credit score
  • 30-year home loan options provide long-term payment plans for non-American homebuyers

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Advantages of Hard Money Loans

  • Easy to process loans that are quicker than traditional bank loans
  • Flexible rates and fees allowing buyers to adjust as needed
  • Perfect for home flippers looking to get funding for their project

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Advantages of Interest-only Mortgage Loans

  • Low repayments during the interest-only term
  • Gives you access to larger loan amounts and better home purchases
  • Gives you the option to pay for the equity once you're financially ready

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Advantages of Self-Employed Loans

  • New loan type perfect for freelancers and self-employed individuals
  • Provides business owners easy access to capital without having to sell shares
  • Easier to process than traditional business loans

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Advantages of Reverse Mortgage Loans

  • Ideal for retirees planning to finance their home
  • Quickly liquidate the equity you have on your property to cash
  • Provides ample options for your heirs
  • You're protected if your loan balance exceeds the value of your home

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Advantages of Jumbo Loans

  • Ideal loan type for buyers that need to go over traditional FHA loan limits
  • Perfect for buyers targeting large plots of land or luxury homes
  • Also great for investors looking to purchase a multi-family rental property
  • Consolidated loan structure

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Advantages of USDA Loans

  • Allows you to finance the entire amount of your home purchase
  • Perfect loan type for low to moderate income buyers
  • Provides low mortgage rates and insurance premiums
  • Possible financial assistance on closing costs

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